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We’re here to save the planet and use all of our resources to make that happen.

Protect the Wild


We believe that people protect what they love, & to save the planet people must have a deep and meaningful connection to the outdoors.

Freyja’s mission is to help ignite that outdoor connection and spark a behavioural shift in how people interact with our planet

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“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”
Sir David Attenborough

We are in danger of becoming the world’s first indoor species… on average we spend 95% of our lives indoors

How we do it differently

We’re bringing the outdoors back into our everyday lives, so we can start caring about the planet again.

We’re taking action on the most pressing environmental issues because we are in climate crisis.

We believe that both of these goals are connected & can be solved through three strategies:


To protect, rewild and provide access to the outdoors, while creating jobs & sequestering carbon

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Integrating conservation principles into school curriculums, and providing immersive outdoor educational experiences in under-resourced communities.

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Using our values to put our capital to work in private and public global markets

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