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Pintura Canyon (Canadon Pinturas)

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Here the wild Lago Buenos Aires Meseta meets the canyon. Spectacular 300-meter-high rock walls, popular with local climbers, run along the valley floor and provide nesting grounds for the Andean Condor and shelter for the Chinchillon. It is the most unique gateway to Argentina’s 180,000 ha Patagonia Park.

A newly designed trail network will take you up to spectacular vistas and down along the river and through the famous UNESCO Cueva de las Manos – Cave of the Hands (housing 13,000 year old cave paintings), all the while showcasing the spectacular flora and many opportunities for guanaco sightings.

Take your adventure to the next level: bring your binoculars and hire a guide to take you wildlife tracking, spend the night camping or stay over at La Posta de Los Toldos where you can enjoy a traditional Asado and take in the entire galaxy. Perfect for solo travelers, couples, friends and families.





Our mission is to foster future conservationists and caretakers
inspired by Patagonia National Park, Argentina: to educate and
empower local youth on their vital role within their thriving ecosystem

and develop an adventurous conservation outlook.


A 3-day Backpacking and Nature Experience in
Patagonia Park, Argentina filled with hiking,
camping, backpacking, wildlife tracking, rock
climbing, biology lessons and star gazing. Local
youth (The Explorers) will take part in an outdoor
adventure-filled weekend where our team will
share fun stories about the history, wildlife and
significant indigenous landmarks in the park that
has attracted many for thousands of years.

Visit to The (13,000 yr. old) Cueva de Los Manas
(Cave of the Hands): A UNESCO World Heritage Site –
Here our explorers will learn about the ancestral
roots & heritage of the region, and the people that
created the cave paintings over thousands of years
*3 days backpacking and 2 nights camping in the
Pinturas (and the northern section of confluence in
Caracoles Canyon).
Two nights spent at the Puesto de Piedra or a wild
Daily Activities include: rock climbing, hiking,
mindfulness, wildlife tracking, astronomy and
biology lessons.
These activities will form the basis for different
discussions where we encourage personal
development and the importance of wildlife
Each day ends with a similar discussion around what
each explorer found exciting, challenging, and
On the final day, we will host a closing ceremony
and encourage each explorer to reengage & reflect
on the themes of ecology, and share how their lives
(living near the park) can become more intentional
around what they have learned. How will they put it
into practice?
We will encourage the explorers to come back with
their families and reinforce that humans & nature
share an intrinsic equal value and can live in
*The closing ceremony draws on the symbolism of
the Cueva de Los Manas (Cave of the Hands) and
its ancestral significance to the region, where each
explorer will leave their handprints on an item to
solidify their experience.

Fighting Climate Change With Nature | Seat At The Table featuring I AM WATER coach


Freyja Foundation’s Ocean Conservation partner, I AM WATER recently had one of their lead coaches, Marlin van Sensie, be interviewed as part of Jack Harries’ Fighting Climate Change with Nature – #SeatAtTheTable Series launched on 25 October 2021 just in time for COP26.

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Access PanAm (APA) – Survey on the status of climbing and mountaineering in Bolivia

We are thrilled to welcome Access PanAm to the Freyja family.

 Access PanAm (APA) is an international non-profit organization created in 2009 that is dedicated to promoting free access, protection and conservation of climbing and mountaineering areas in Latin America. To ensure free access and protection of climbing and mountaineering environments, APA uses a variety of strategies including advocacy to influence public policies related to climbing, mountaineering and the environment; conservation actions to protect mountain ecosystems; negotiation related to access to climbing and mountaineering areas; training to strengthen local organizations that fight for access and conservation of climbing and mountaineering areas, and climbers and mountaineers so that they can carry out conservation initiatives; dissemination and education on conservation of mountain environments.


Bolivia is a country with a great diversity of mountain activities. Bolivia is crossed by the Andes mountain range, which covers 28% of the country’s territory. The Andes in Bolivia have some of the highest elevations in South America with mountains over 6,000 meters and it is divided into the western mountain range, also known as the Cordillera Real and the eastern mountain range. Among its valleys is the so-called Bolivian Altiplano. The most visited mountains are: Illimani, Condoriri, Huayna Potosí or Little Alpamayo, in the Cordillera Real; and Sajama, Pomarape and Parinacota, in the Western Cordillera.

Bolivia, due to its ethnic-cultural composition, is one of the most pre-Columbian societies on the continent, in which almost 70% of the population self-identifies as belonging to one of the 36 indigenous peoples of the country.

This project aims to carry out an initial survey in order to assess the current situation of mountain activities in Bolivia, detecting possible conflicts within the community, environmental problems, access issues, policies and regulations. Identifying possible areas of collaboration in relation to the sustainable management of mountaineering and climbing, environmental education / awareness, access conflicts and regulatory needs (advocacy).


Oceanographic: A journey from fear to love


In her own words, ocean conservationist and founder of I AM WATER Foundation, Hanli Prinsloo, shares her story of growing up in South Africa, becoming a free diving champion and dedicating her life to educating and spreading the joy of oceans to SA’s most underserved youth.

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TelAm: Santa Cruz: Patagonia, Perito Moreno and Los Glaciares


They are the three parks in Santa Cruz. Patagonia, the paradise of the maca tobiano, an endangered species exclusive to the province. Perito Moreno, with the incredible Berlgrano Lake. Los Glaciares, with the Continental Ice and the imposing El Chalten.

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Oceanic Global: I AM WATER has been selected as a finalist in the Oceanic Global short film festival Top 10


This short film by Danielle Davenport explores how I Am Water Ocean Conservation connects coastal communities in South Africa to the ocean through their the Ocean Guardians workshops. Please watch the film and vote!

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La Nacion: Green Legacy: Promote the creation of a binational park


They buy land to restore it; the initiative of an NGO seeks to unite the Argentine Patagonia with the Chilean.

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