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Investing Principles

We invest in the future of our planet. Our pledge is to catalyize 100% of our balance sheet for impact across asset classes with an environmental investment lens strategy that delivers inflated-adjusted, market-rate returns.

Our investment philosophy has a global approach with a thematic focus on: Reducing Carbon Emissions, Food and Agriculture Systems and Technology. We are in the early stages of implementing our impact strategy and investments, please come back soon to check-out how we allocate our portfolio and highlights from our investments.

Impact Investments are investments made in companies and funds with the intention of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

Types of investment



Traditional Investing
Taking a financial first approach and no intention or objection for positive impact

Responsible Investing
Taking a ‘do no harm’ approach and screen out companies that operate in harmful practices

Sustainable Investing
Implementing ESG models into investments

Impact Investing
Finance First – Impact First
Investing with concrete objectives of ‘impact’ outcomes and financial returns. Freyja is Finance-First here meaning our impact investments are intended to generate competitive market rate returns.

Venture Philanthropy
Using investment philosophy to fund social purpose or non-profit organisations.

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