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Nature based solutions can solve for 30% of the world’s carbon mitigation potential and depend on areas containing continued carbon sink reserves. Physical conservation and restoration are critical tools to limiting global warming reaching the 1.5c threshold set out by the Paris Agreement. However, carbon sequestration takes time and protecting our planet’s most precious resources requires permanent protection and local guardians.

Freyja’s work integrates a blended strategy of protecting existing at-threat carbon sinks, re-establishing biodiversity, collaborating with local communities and utilizing public policy. In nature, nothing acts alone. It is an intricate system of moving parts: animal, plant and human. To avert its destruction, we must alter our current course and take the harder road less travelled that requires us (humans) to put nature based solutions before our own immediate needs.

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.
Rachel Carson, American Writer + Biologist

Land Conservation

Patagonia Park


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Cochamó Valley


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Access Fund


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Acceso PanAm


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Ocean Conservation


South Africa

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Impact Investment

Impact Investment

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