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14.02.23 – LONELY PLANET, Witness the Wild
Postcard from Argentina: My hiking trip to Patagonia in photos

Trail-loving Lonely Planet senior editor Melissa Yeager recently returned from a spectacular hiking trip from a lesser-visited park in Argentine Patagonia. She has a few ideas on why this should be on your radar to escape the crowds.

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08.02.23 – LONELY PLANET, Witness the Wild
A massive rewilding project aims to put this under-visited part of Argentina’s Patagonia on the map

Looking for a great reason to start planning your next adventure? Here’s why you should visit Argentine Patagonia this year. If you tell people you are headed to Patagonia, they may immediately assume you’re headed to Chile. And that’s one of the many reasons you should consider stopping in this un

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07.12.22 – Witness the Wild
Witness the Wild in Patagonian Park Agentina – Travel Begins at 40

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11.10.22 – Conservation
Ways To Reduce Your Impact on Biodiversity Whilst Climbing

Once a niche sport, rock climbing has become a mainstream pleasure enjoyed by many. The natural world offers a thrilling adventure through beautiful environments filled with wildlife. However, with rock climbing’s rise in popularity, the amazing biodiversity sustained by cliff ecosystems is under pr

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23.08.22 – Conservation
Fighting Climate Change With Nature | Seat At The Table

reyja Foundation’s Ocean Conservation partner, I AM WATER recently had one of their lead coaches, Marlin van Sensie, be interviewed as part of Jack Harries’ Fighting Climate Change with Nature – #SeatAtTheTable Series launched on 25 October 2021 just in time for COP26.

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17.01.22 – Conservation, Public Access
Los Exploradores | Youth Outdoor Program – Patagonia Park,Argentina

Our mission is to foster future conservationists and caretakers 
inspired by Patagonia National Park, Argentina: to educate and
empower local youth on their vital role within their thriving ecosystem and develop an adventurous conservation outlook.

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